Preparing students for a
future of informed agricultural
and environmental decisions


The body of knowledge clearly reflects the value of agriculture to our society and the less than ideal general public perception of agriculture. In addition, the opportunities and challenges associated with population growth and diversity in agriculture are well documented. The need to educate youth and communities about the vital role that agriculture plays in our society while promoting the promising college and career opportunities in agriculture is paramount. Colleges of agriculture have been charged with taking action to address such issues. The Mobile AgriScience Classroom project will have immediate impacts at the state to national level, adding value to the agriculture industry by improving agricultural literacy among a wide range of community members. In addition, the recruitment efforts will strive to make an immediate impact on enrollment in the College of Agriculture programs at TSU. The objectives of this project are:

1.) Provide a state-of-the-art mobile agricultural education trailer to increase agricultural literacy in urban communities across the southeastern United States;
2.) Implement a comprehensive recruitment plan to recruit students for all degree programs in College of Agriculture; and
3.) Deliver a seamless system of leadership training program that will reach youth, collegiate, and adult audiences.

This is an integrated project that seeks to meet teaching and extension needs mentioned in the program area descriptions of the USDA 1890 Capacity Building RFA.